Toys or Gifts to Build Relationships

As you are deciding toys, games or gifts to buy for your child consider this article on what Pediatricians say. You know children crave interactions of any kind. Whether it’s with a parent, a friend or a teacher, kids tend to gravitate to other people. Think about how often your child shows this interest. Toddlers bring the random toy to their parents seeking some kind of acknowledgement. Preschoolers express interest in their peers or want their parents to play pretend with them. Elementary school children are often into crafts or board games and they want their friends or parents to do the same things.

Consider buying toys or games that foster interaction. For example, rather than buying a single craft kit like this Grow and Glow Kit consider buying two so you and your child can each do one. Having two adds an element of variables to the Science experiment as well. Or, better yet, for all ages, consider a variety pack like this art jar to create your own inventions.

Here are a few more recommendations of things to foster interactions:

Infants and Toddlers:

Cardboard Blocks

Farm Set



Magnet Tiles

Detective Board game

School Age:

STEM Space Games

Kids Bake Cook Book

Science Kit