Want a toy that engages kids for years?

Try these cardboard blocks and here’s why:

  • They can stack them high or wide

  • They can integrate them into play with other toys

  • They can design structures

  • They can build forts with them

  • They can start to play with them as young as 6 months (with supervision) till they’re in elementary school

  • They can count or compare them

  • They can build patterns or symmetrical designs with them

  • They can measure them (or other things)

  • They can learn science with them (weight, physics, etc.)

  • They can play with them by themselves

  • They can share and work on a project with someone else

  • And many more ways!

If you’re not sure about buying them, try renting them first from https://www.kidsmoveandlearn.com/rentalitems

If you already have some please share how your child used them. Post a picture below!