Want to make Learning Simple & Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers? Learn how through play activities!

If you have ever searched the internet for toddler or preschool activities, you know it can quickly become overwhelming and time consuming! And of course your goal is to prepare them for Kindergarten or Preschool because you have high goals for them.

But don’t let society's pressures lead to stress. Instead, follow your child’s lead and teach in simple ways that is through play. In the end it saves you time and money and keeps you connected to what’s important to the here and now.

At two your child can and should develop skills to help them be ready to read and write. But forcing the wrong activities on them could make it more upsetting.

That’s why Kids Move and Learn is focused on trying to help moms teach in the present moment. What is happening with the child right now that could be extended or enriched to infuse learning goals while the child is playing.

Playful learning is what this booklet of activity planning ideas is all about. The booklet helps you to select activities that are meaningful, focused on the goals and interests of your child, and easy to implement.

The planning method in Simplified Teaching is based on the way children learn and early childhood best teaching practices. Through the videos and a planning booklet filled with lesson plan examples you will find activity planning steps, prompts for thoughtful planning, and guides that focus on how young children learn best.

We are all wanting our kids to be independent while engaging them in learning, so find out more about Simplified Teaching today.

Focus in on what your child can do to help get them what they will do.

Follow the step by step process on how to stop wasting time on activities that aren't working and learn how to build independence through meaningful play activities.

To learn more check out this video or download the activity planning sheet.

For other fun ideas and activities use the search feature in our blog or watch this video.