How to get kids to move and learn from videos

Do your kids like to watch videos, but you also want them to learn?

That’s why scavenger hunts can be a fun way to get kids to learn while moving!

Kids have to use patience and listen to the directions on what to get, then they have to stay focused to find that item and then report back what they find. All of this fosters their self-control and attention skills that are much needed for learning.

And when you are intentional to add in something for them to find that adds in specific topics like colors, shapes, letters or sounds, you are building in math and reading too!

In this video kids can play along and find items that begin with the letter sounds of P - I - G.

After they find three things they learn that those three letters spell a word!

They play the game a second time as the next three sounds spell the word

W - I - G.

Increasing vocabulary is a huge part of getting young kids engaged in pre-literacy skills. But when you add in the requirement to find something that begins with a letter sound, kids start to pay more attention to the sounds in words and recognize that letters form words.

And a bonus is that the kids learn that PIG and WIG rhyme adding in the extra attention to notice sounds which are predictors in reading success.

This video is made for kids to play along so just click play and watch them learn!

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PIG and a WIG too!

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