They say they CAN'T, but they CAN!

Have you ever watched your child do the most difficult thing like get something out of a locked cabinet, or climb somewhere they shouldn’t be?

And then when you ask them to get something they can’t do it? Instead they whine and say they need help when you know they can?

As a parent and an educator, Anita gets it. She used to teach toddler and preschool classrooms and had to learn some tricks to get them to listen.

Watch this video to see how you can apply some useful teacher tips with your child at home.

This is video 8 out of 16 in a series but you can start on this video and get some useful tips right away!

Also, each video has an aligned guidebook to help you reflect and plan your way to success.

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Disclaimer: Please remember that this can not replace professional help and if you feel that you or your child needs professional help you should consult with an official representative in the community where you live.