Why should parenting videos matter to you? What's the point?

Do you feel burnt out in getting kids to follow your directions and are looking for some new ideas?

Do you feel the mommy guilt that you can't keep up with everything?

Becoming a working, single mom at the age of 40 without any family in the same country, Anita constantly felt guilty or anxious that she couldn't do for her child what she did for hundreds of kids over the years! Even with 25+ years of teaching in the early childhood field, and a master's in education didn't prepare her for parenting!

As she went through some tough experiences Anita had the realization that some of her teacher tricks could apply to parenting. But it took some time for her to figure it out and wished she knew then what she knows now. Her goal is to help all moms feel more confident with parenting challenges while staying connected with their child.

This is why Anita made these videos to help the busy working mom feel the peace of mind that every mom deserves.

Watch this to hear Anita explain why she's created a series of videos to help you.

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