Wrap the Mummy game!!

Looking for a game that’s simple and fun to do with your family or a few friends?

Try Wrap the Mummy!

This fun game is super easy and great for all ages. Even adults!

Did you know this game even helps foster emotional regulation and social development?

That’s right! By encouraging your child to either be the wrapper, or the person being he or she has to practice a lot of waiting and self-regulation skills to stay focused in finishing the activity. Plus by having the kids work together they learn how to cooperate in a shared activity!

Physical Coordination Skills

Wrapping the streamers or toilet paper around something takes a lot of skill and actually can be hard for some kids as they don’t know how to hold one end as they start, or twist and pull and wrap it around. This can be difficult for some kids so before they get frustrated doing it by themselves, try doing one together and then one side by side.

What you need:

  • Roll of toilet paper (or use streamers with older kids)

  • Chair

  • Two people or more

How you play:

  • Tell your child that you’re going to play a game where they get to wrap you up

  • Explain that they can’t wrap around the neck, but can wrap your arms and your legs.


  • Watch out for the neck area to keep it safe. Try having the person who is being wrapped cross their arms across their chest covering their chin. This will help protect their neck from accidentally getting wrapped.

  • When it’s time to unwrap, have the child do the breaking to be safe such as breaking the pieces around their neck first.

For added fun or challenges:

  • Set it up to be a race by creating 2 teams and see who finishes wrapping first!

  • If there are more than one person on a team wrapping, try giving each person their own roll to finish.

  • With younger kids try wrapping a doll or stuffed animal.

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