Writing Practice your Preschooler will actually LOVE!!!

Sometimes getting your child to practice writing letters can be a challenge! Young children are just not built to sit and engage in paper and pencil tasks.

Misconceptions about writing expectations for young children can also pressure parents into developmentally inappropriate tasks. Asking young children to sit and trace or write on worksheets when they are not ready can often lead to battles.

Learning to write can be fun and engaging when approached with play in mind. Using sensory materials such as shaving cream can add the much needed fun that will help them enjoy writing!

Be sure to match up your expectations with your child’s development using the writing development printable. This printable can help you identify shapes and letters that are right for your child’s development and will help to avoid any frustration your child may feel with inappropriate expectations.

Here’s how to get your preschooler in on the writing fun:

1. Clear a space on the floor or child sized table.

*Shaving cream can also be used in the bathtub or shower and a quick spray with the shower head makes for easy cleanup!

2. Spray shaving cream (this brand is inexpensive and easy to find) directly onto the surface or a shallow tray like a cookie sheet (these trays work great and can be used for so many other activities)

3. Encourage letter and shape writing by demonstrating how to draw shapes or letters in the shaving cream with a popsicle stick or fingers. It may be helpful to have a visual model of the letter or shape as well. “Erase it” with a simple swipe and try another one!

4 Allow your child to explore and create their own drawings in the shaving cream.

5. Inviting your child to clean up, use a damp towel to clean the surface or rinse away with water.

Forming letters and shapes in sensory materials such as shaving cream gives your child handwriting practice that they will actually enjoy and learn from.

To learn more check out this video or download the activity planning sheet.

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