Preschool Play Ideas

6 Preschool Play Ideas

Preschoolers have boundless energy, and keeping them entertained can seem a bit exhausting. The following preschool play ideas, though, are great for entertaining kids while saving your own energy.

1. Arts and Crafts
Providing supplies for arts and crafts can give your children something to do for hours at a time. Stock a box, cabinet, table, or other location with paper, coloring utensils, washable paints and markers, safety scissors, yarn, and any other supplies you can find. Even unused items around your home can be turned into art projects. 

2. Song and Dance
Music and dance engage the brain, get kids moving, promote creativity, allow for self-expression, and more. Having a playlist of preschool schools and clearing a dance space is one of many great ways to stimulate and engage children.

3. Relay Races
Relay races get kids moving and grooving, and they promote teamwork. Try our Clothespin Relay and other races for a day of fun.

4. Limbo
Most adults have memories of playing many games as a child. Limbo is one of them. The fun of going lower and lower to make it beneath the stick is not only great physical exercise. It also provides a lot of laughs.

5. Red Light, Green Light
An oldie but certainly a goodie! Red Light, Green Light is still one of many popular preschool play ideas and very effective at entertaining kids.

6. Stations
Setting up stations just might be one of the best methods for entertaining kids indoors. Stations can contain anything from arts and crafts to dolls and accessories, ice-breaking activities to paper mache. The options are limitless.

Setting up several stations will have children running back and forth for hours, fully engaged in the activities available. Take a look at our station ideas for inspiration.

These six ideas are just a few of our favorite ideas for entertaining kids, but we have so much more to share. Take a look in our "Entertaining Kids" section for additional ideas and tips.