Songs, Fingerplays & Dances

Use these songs to entertain, enrich or bust boredom!
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Baking Gingerbread Men

5 Little Cookies

A seasonal song to teach numeracy concepts of 5.

Couple of Penguins

5 Little Penguins

Another fun song to teach numeracy concepts of 5.


5 Little Ducks

A fun song to learn early subtraction skills.

Watch the YouTube Video or download the words.

Growing Plants

Children Plant the Seeds

Act out the steps needed from planting a seed to eating the food.


Turkey Tot

Sung to the tune "Tootie Tot", this hilarious active song gets kids moving and laughing.


5 Little Turkeys

Seasonal numeracy song to support Math.

Monkey in Tree

3 Little Monkeys

The monkeys are swinging in a tree teasing Mr. Alligator... watch out monkey!

Baby Monkey

5 Little Monkeys

Act out this silly song by having the kids pretend to be monkeys jumping on a bed and fall off!

Seasonal Pumpkins

5 Little Pumpkins

A seasonal song to teach numeracy concepts of 5 and embeds rhyming.

Wooden Cars

5 Little Cars

A simple song to teach numeracy concepts of 5.

Wild Turkey

Turkey Hokey Pokey

Act like a turkey to this twist of the traditional Hokey Pokey song.

Red love heart on hearts

5 Pretty Valentines

A seasonal song to teach numeracy concepts of 5.



A song about love for anytime of day.

Apple & Bananas

Apples & Bananas

Hilarious for kids to make the sounds while singing and to learn the different sounds the vowels make. To listen to the song click here, or click go below to print out the words.


Poor Little Bug on the Wall

Simple verse to sing repeatedly with different voices.

Father and Son


A fun simple way to embed literacy and attention to clap on time.

Art Director

Speckled Frogs

5 Green & Speckled Frogs

Early subtraction skills!

Art Director

Thumbs Up

My Thumbs Go

Simple attention gathering song.

Art Director


There Was a Little Turtle

Silly song that rhymes with a fun twist.

Art Director


Everybody Do This

Simple active song to sing during a transition or use it as an attention gathering song.

Watch the YouTube Video or download the words.

Art Director

Santa Hokey Pokey

Santa Hokey Pokey

A twist to the original Hokey Pokey song.

Art Director


A Chubby Little Snowman

Fun song to sing or act out. Watch out for the bunny!

Art Director



Great way to embed literacy into a seasonal song.

Art Director

Parked School Buses

Wheels on the Bus

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Art Director

Black and Yellow Spider

5 Little Spiders

5 little spiders keep jumping on the bed! Fun song to get kids jumping and practice basic Math.

Art Director

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I'm a Little Snowman

Act out being a snowman and watch out for the hot sun!

Art Director


I'm a Little Pumpkin

Act out being a pumpkin and become a Jack-o-lantern.

Art Director

Teddy Bear

5 Brown Teddies

A simple song to teach numeracy concepts of 5.

Art Director

Christmas Ornaments

10 Little Snowmen

A fast song to sing while learning to count to 10.

Art Director

Image by Sai De Silva


A fun simple way to embed literacy and attention to clap on time.

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