Teaching Toddlers

5 Tips for Teaching Toddlers

Teaching toddlers can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires some patience and preparation. Putting the following five tips to work for you can help.

Keep It Interesting

Fun should be a priority with child enrichment. Play games, dance, laugh, enjoy the time, and let them be themselves. Try not to put their learning into a box as they will quickly lose interest.

Embrace the Mess

Face it: Kids can be messy. Don't fuss or get frustrated. You can try to hone in messes by only allowing arts and crafts to occur in certain places or similar things. However, forget trying to avoid all mess and, instead, follow the remaining tips.

Have Routines

Kids thrive on routines, so set some simple ones to follow. One such routine should- of course- be cleaning up messes once the activity is complete. This encourages teamwork and helps instill healthy habits.

Be Consistent

Follow your routines as consistently as possible but don't be so rigid that it takes out all of the fun. And be open to changes. Also, be consistent with any rules you set about cleaning and similar tasks. When they know what is expected, you should see much more cooperation.

Use Rewards

Rewards encourage good behavior. Even those as simple as a sticker on their chart each day motivates children to keep up the good work. Set a system of rewards for your children so they can reap some instant benefits from doing as they are told.

At Kids Move & Learn, we strive to help parents provide an incredible learning experience for their toddlers while enjoying their parenting journey. Take a look at our child enrichment activities for some great ideas and tips to benefit you and your little ones.