Virtual Entertainment

We specialize in providing a fun engaging online session.


Chairs are OPTIONAL! 

We'll get them moving!


Through personalization, songs, and a scavenger hunt to spell a special word we mix in ways to get them moving around.

How we work:

  • You tell us what you need and we learn about your child's interests.

  • We develop an event outline and share with you.

  • We set up a Zoom link and manage the event.

  • You invite your guests.

  • We provide the entertainment.

Virtual Events

  • Free Virtual Fun for Kids!
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    Mar 13, 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM EST
    Link will be sent to attendees
    Join online and watch your Kids Move and Learn! From silly songs, to active dancing, we will entertain your kids while promoting educational content.


30 minutes

Party Flags

45 minutes

Blue Party Balloons

1 hour

Virtual Birthday Party Sample (for ages 4-7)

Silly Face Greeting

(5 min)

What we do:

Lead a song making silly faces

What kids do:

Sing and make silly faces to each other on the video

Birthday Cheer

What we do:

Add humor on why everyone is together leading into the cheer

What kids do:

Laugh and call out that it’s the (name of child’s) birthday

Scavenger Hunt

(15 minutes)

What we do:

Lead the hunt one letter at a time to find something that starts with the letters: 

B - I - R - T- H - D - A - Y

Lead excitement and call out the items as children bring things back to the screen

What kids do:

Everyone runs around their house and brings back an item that starts with that letter to share with friends.

Everybody Song

(5 min)

What we do:

Lead a song having children imitate actions while singing

What kids do:

Sing and dance or act along (e.g. clap, stick out tongue, blink, nod, shrug, etc.)

Happy Birthday & Cake

What we do:

Lead a Happy Birthday song as the birthday child is given candles to blow out.

What kids do:

Sing to the birthday child

Loud and Quiet Face Cheers

What we do:

Loud and Quiet Face cheers

Lead what loud and quiet faces look like

What kids do:

Say cheer in quiet and loud voices 

Lead goodbye Thank yous

Participate in faces and cheers

Say goodbye

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